Hello world!

Is this thing on?  🙂

I have always loved giving gifts to people.  It’s funny, but on important holidays I prefer to watch gifts being opened than to receive them for myself.  I just love taking on the challenge of finding the perfect item and seeing the person open up that gem of a gift!  It makes me so very happy.

Of course, as a mom, and now a PTA member with the job of needing gifts for hundreds of staff members on a very small budget, I have had to start learning to be creative with my gifting.  The first year I took on this job I did a horrible job budgeting for things and ended up paying for lots out of my own pocket.  (This did not please my hubby in the slightest.)  But live an learn, right?!  This year I have researched until I couldn’t research any more and have found a ton of truly fantastic ideas for teachers and staff gifts.  I am super excited to share my ideas with hopes that I can help other moms who are in a similar situation.

I also love to brainstorm ideas for parties, so I will be sure to include those ideas as well.  Please feel free to use any of these ideas for the important people in your life.  If you have an idea you would like to share, or an adaptation to an idea, please feel free to comment!

Thank you for reading!!


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