Teacher Appreciation Gift Idea: Start of Year Gifts

Let me just clarify this one, we are NOT using these for our teachers this school year.  My budget was a bit smaller than anticipated, so it was one of those things I had really wanted to do, but had to cut at the last minute since it was a bit too pricey.  (The “Start-of-Year-Gift” I AM giving is also pricey, but it was a bit more practical than this idea.  I promise to share more later – don’t want any teachers to get a sneak peek before school starts!)

Although I couldn’t use these, I thought there might be some PTA moms out there that needed an idea for first of year stuff…and this looked pretty cute if you have the budget for it.  Check out this item:

“This kit includes a 13-month planner that gives teachers and staff at-a-glance information and inspiration from July ’11 to July 12′.  Each monthly spread features colorful designs and a quote about the importance of education.   There’s also room for personal information, advance planning, notes, birthdays, addresses and phone and fax numbers.   Planner also includes a page on stress management and metric conversions.   Included Reminder Stickers offer recipients a convenient way to flag dates to remember.”  ~taken from http://www.positivepromotions.com.

These calendar kits sell for $1.35/kit when purchasing 100 or more.  (If purchasing larger quantities, the price drops a bit more.)  They also have them available in different colors if you want them to match your school’s colors.

As an ex- teacher, I can honestly say, this is a GREAT gift!  I would have used this planner myself if someone had gifted it to me at the start of the school year!  Very useful tool!  So, if your PTA has the budget, why not start the year off with a bang?!  Your teachers and staff will LOVE these!  You could always drop these kits into crystal clear cello bags with several strands of your school’s colored curling ribbon for a super cute presentation.  (Don’t forget to add a cute tag too!)


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