Super Cute Mommy Finds: Getting Ready For School!

Well, it is that time again… stores are filled with school supplies and the smell of new crayons and glue is in the air!  I LOVE this time of the year!

This year I vowed to do my school supply shopping early – since in years past I wasn’t able to get the exact backpack or lunch box my daughter wanted because they were always sold out.  UGH!  I already purchased her school supply kit from our PTA (big time and money saver by the way!) so I figured I could splurge a bit more on her other items.

After much deliberation, we finally decided on the perfect backpack for our new school year!  (Found at Pottery Barn Kids)

I decided to go with the large navy polka dot backpack with green trim this year… last year I made the mistake of going with the lavender butterfly design, and it looked dirty, dingy, and just plain gross by the end of the school year.  I am hoping that having a darker color will help to keep it looking nice longer.

We also decided to go with the coordinating navy polka dot Classic Mackenzie lunch box this year..instead of the Retro version.  Last year, that Retro version looked cool, but it was a bear to find ice packs that would fit it adequately!  Also, if you ever needed to pack a quick lunch and wanted to send something like a Lunchable (GASP!) they wouldn’t fit very well at all.  I am definitely avoiding the Retro version from this point on.  Besides, the classic design looks really cute personalized! We also stumbled upon these cute sandwich cutters at PBKs…

SUPER CUTE!!  We have used other sandwich cutters before, but these designs were much more creative and cut really well!  (Although, I should add, you have to kind of push the sandwich out of the cutter gently to get it to release.  I didn’t have any issues, but I read a few reviews where people got really snippy about that.  It is just like using a cookie cutter, sometimes you need to give it a little nudge.)  We got her the Princess cutter set, but I am thinking about grabbing the Boy Vehicle set for my littlest one.  I think he will love these when he gets a bit bigger.

We have been trying to do a better job of recycling in our house lately too, so when I saw that the Spencer Bento Box Container fits our lunch box exactly, I couldn’t resist saying goodbye to plastic baggies…

No more baggies!  All items still separate!  Fits perfectly in lunch box – super cute!

Of course, this left me with a dilemma… what to do about a thermos??!!  There is really not enough room in the bag to include a bottle with this container and I really don’t want to use disposable juice boxes or milk cartons, since the whole point of using this is to eliminate waste.  SO…. what to do?!  Then I stumbled upon these little gems…  I found them on Amazon.

These are actually reusable water bags (BPA free) that I can partially fill in order to make it fit into one of the compartments on her lunch box.  So clever!  Since she doesn’t usually drink much with her lunch anyhow, this will be the perfect fit!  Of course, she also has a larger water bottle that she keeps in her backpack for in the classroom… this is just for use at lunch time.

So, I have everything she needs for school this year and nothing was out of stock this time!  Yay!  I know what you are thinking, I spent a LOT on these school items… however, let me just point out that I got free shipping from Pottery Barn and purchased items that will last an entire school year.  (I have never once had to replace a backpack or lunchbox purchased from PBK – it’s good quality stuff!)  And right now, Pottery Barn has all their backpacks/lunch bags on sale.  Plus, I had a pretty nice gift card for Amazon, which is where I picked up the water bags for a reasonable price as well.

All in all, I feel really good about this year’s school supply haul!  Let the count down begin!!  🙂


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