Back to School Teacher Appeciation Gift Idea

The past few weeks I have been trying to find a few ideas on things to do for our new teacher for the start of school.  Every year I usually try to give our new teacher some type of small gift to wish them luck on the new school year.  Having been a teacher, I have always felt it was a nice simple way to show my support and appreciation for how hard teachers work.

For my daughter’s Kinder teacher a few years back, I gave her a Special Day Seat Cover set from Really Good  It included seat covers for the kids to use for their birthdays, writing accomplishments, behavior rewards, etc.

Really Good

This was an item I knew she could use in the classroom throughout the year, but was also something that she might not have had the funds to purchase for herself.  (Teachers inevitably spend a large portion on their salary on countless curriculum essentials for their classrooms, so often times things like these are a luxury they can not afford.)  I thought these covers were fun and something that would benefit all kids for the rest of the school year.

This year, as my daughter prepares to enter 3rd grade, I am thinking of gifting something that is specifically for her teacher. I found this website with a cute little apple basket idea…

This idea came from  Super cute! I am thinking of putting dry erase markers, post its, and definitely chocolate!  I am hopeful her teacher will really benefit from this small gesture.  It is hard to believe that school is only a few days away! Wow!!!


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