Bulletin Board Idea: Fall Time Fun

I know it might seem a bit early for fall bulletin board ideas, but as school ramps up and Room Moms get organized, I figured that a few moms might need a heads up in regards to bulletin boards.  Obviously it is different for each school, but at my daughter’s school the Kindergarten Room Moms rotated changing out the bulletin boards in the common areas every month.  It was a lot of fun, but can also be a bit of a challenge.  If you teacher gives you sole control of the task, it can be super exciting but also a bit daunting.

For the month of November, in my daughter’s Kinder year, I did the following board:

I used dark blue butcher paper (available in the teacher workroom) and cut out pumpkin dies with the die cutter machine (also available in the teacher’s workroom).  I hand cut out the little outfits (mostly just squares and rectangles) and the hats and used fall-ish scrapbook paper for the shirts and hat embellishments.  I also used a large bundle of plain raffia to give it the straw look on the hats and around the border.  It is hard to see it from the photo, but I also stuffed the little outfits with cotton to make them puff off the board for a cool 3D effect.  I took photos of each member of the Kindergarten team and printed them out at home to add to the board….so the faces of the scarecrows are actually the real teachers.  Too cute!  I don’t think I spent more than $10 on the entire thing – in bulletin boards, that is a real bargain!


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