Back to School Gifts – First Days Emergency Kits

For several weeks prior to the start of the new school year, I pondered what the “Back To School” gift would be.  After a great deal of research, I saw the CUTEST idea on “It’s Written On the Wall” blog.  These little kits were just TOO cute!  I really wanted to do the same thing, but I had to make 120 of them and there was NO way I could find 120 boxes for less than $250.  Since that is pretty much the bulk of my budget, it wasn’t going to happen.

I finally got the idea to use clear favor pillow boxes instead.

These adorable little boxes come in a variety of sizes (I went with the 5-1/2 in.  x  3-1/2 in.  x  3/4 in.) and are reasonably priced.  I found these on (50 pieces for $9.25).   I have also seen them on a few wholesale gift packaging sites if you need even more.  Since I only needed 120, I found it was easier to just buy a few of the smaller lots.

Now for fillings:

I decided I really wanted to include the hand sanitizer, which is usually really expensive, so I hunted around until I found the small .05 oz bottles.  I was able to find these at Sam’s Wholesale for a bit more than I wanted to, but cheaper than anywhere else I could find.

Next I found band aids, antibiotic ointment packets, tylenol packets, paperclips, erasers, and starburst candies online through various sources.  I just found the cheapest ones I could buy in bulk and used every coupon imaginable to save my budget.  I knew this was going to be a large gift, but I also knew I really needed to make sure I was spending wisely.

I decided to go with the same label design as I saw on the original website… it really didn’t take me any time to do since it was all squares and rectangles.  (If anyone would like a copy of my labels, please just let me know!)

Assembling (Sorry about the dark photos – I worked on these pretty late into the evening):

Once I had all my items together, I had to decide how I wanted them to look inside the box…

I found the best way to do this was to arrange all the items on top of my label and slide them into the pillow box like so…  all I had to do then was reach inside the box to make small adjustment and slip in the remaining items.

I should mention that after a while of reaching inside those plastic boxes, the rough uneven edges  did eventually rub my hands bloody raw…blood, sweat, and tears baby!  Regardless, I was really pleased with the end result!

Here are my completed kits:

I also added red elastic ties as well as a cute little circle label to dress them up and note that they were a gift from the PTA.  I made 120 kits total… most of them were for the teachers, but I also made special kits with different labels for the staff and bus drivers.  Everyone really seemed to love them!


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